Saturday, January 31, 2015

Parents of my future great grandson!

Yep, going to be a great-grandmother!  I quilted this little quilt for Jackson Rhea who is due any time!   Never saw such happy parents to be!

Needle punch projects!

Over the last few months, I have finished a few needle punched projects that I had been working on.  Had the cat done for a while and finally framed it.  The wooden chest project was punched last year and finally decided to put it on a chest.  Got the other project done and found a cute chest to put it on but I have to stain the chest first.   Want to make at least 2 more to use on chests so I can have 4 presents done for Christmas!  The cat is just a fun one I did and will keep until I find a cat lover for it to go home with!

My first rug hooking project!

I did my first rug hooking project.   I found an applique picture in an old Create & Decorate magazine and drew it on Scottish burlap.  Hooked with recycle wool where I bought skirts and pants at Goodwill.
I did dye the blue sky, green grass and the mauve flowers with kool-aid.

I had a lot of fun doing this but I know I need a real rug hooking frame before I do a bigger rug.  This one was about 18 x 20 and I used a Morgan embroidery hoop.  Next rug will be a more primitive one, have already got the pattern ready to draw!

Been weaving Scarves!

I have been weaving these cute lacey scarves and can't seem to stop.  I just keep tying on and doing more.  I tell myself each time this is the last one then I do it again.  I sold all I had made last Christmas and wanted to do a few more while I had it tied up for them.  But I am going to stop when I get about 6 or 7 done!  So fast and look so different with the different threads & yarns I have.  First one is rayon/cotton in shades of blue and mauve; second one is a soft acrylic with a mohair feel and look.


I finally figured out how to get back into my blog!   I have been trying on and off for a while.   Got to write everything down this time!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Class on Saturday!!!

Heading to Yarn Circle in Murphy, NC to take a class from Geri Forkner on Nuno Felting!!!  Can't wait, this is going to be fun - will post pictures of class if possible but definitely will post pictures of the bag I will be making!!!


I love to weave!  Can't help it - I love to create fabric, rugs, towels & even washcloths!  I really love the new to me Harrisville Loom! A rug made from t-shirts and mixed warp threads (using up the leftover threads)

Washcloths wove on a Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom using Peaches & Cream cotton yarn and a knitting needle to raise the wept threads so I would get the texture of a piled washcloth.
I took a class  and did a pink plaid piece similar to Saori Weaving (on right)!  Really frees you up to use any yarn and you just go with it.    I went home on the first day and warped up for the next weaving (on left) - just picked threads I liked and warped up  - did not worry about what the fiber was, just what I liked.  No plan in the weaving of colors so I did not have to keep up the plaids.  Love it - was going to cut and make a vest & possibly a messenger bag but so far I have only used it as a shaw. The pink Saori Weaving is a wall hanging now. I might cut one of them when the time is